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Works That WorkWorks That Work

Works That Work is a new design magazine that looks beyond mere portfolios, a magazine dedicated to inspiration and observation, to conditions and contexts, a kind of National Geographic of design. “We are interested in the manifestations of unexpected creativity in the real world. Practical, positive, detached from artists’ egos, showing just works that work, from around the globe.The magazine contains original essays, stories and images that celebrate simplicity, presenting works that change the way you perceive them,” explains Peter Bilak, the former editor of dot dot dot magazine.

The first issue will include contributions about urinals at Amsterdam airport (whose simplicity can save up to 80% in spillage and cleaning costs), the importance of beauty in design, the history of a digital curve, and what role a translator has in the understanding of a literary author published in a foreign language (among other things). Peter Biľak says: “We have enough material to fill three issues, and are working on more with a league of inspiring contributors to make each issue strong and impactful.”