Whooz Is This For?


Well, if you have two iDevices and six cords or vice versa and left a cord somewhere because you thought it wasn’t yours. Than Whooz ($10/pack) is perfect for you, because Whooz is are vinyl identification labels for your iPhone, iPod, and iPad cords. Don’t lose another. Dress your cords up in time for holiday madness.

Each pack comes with four sheets of removable vinyl labels with each sheet sporting a different look. One sheet includes labels to cover one adapter, the ends of one usb cable and one set of earphones. You can combine the labels in fun ways to create your own look or keep it simple.

These also work on the new iPhone 5 / iPad lightning connector and earphones! There are extra labels to cover the new shapes and sizes. Currently Whooz covers two formats. There’s a pack that fits iPhones and iPods and another pack that fits iPads. ❚