What is a Bedouin?

Eco-Ethno by Ahmad Hosni

The project Eco-Ethno by Ahmad Hosni was carried out in collaboration with writer Mathew Carrington and was published in Bidoun magazine in 2006. It was a materialization of a broad interest in tourism and the social formation esp. in rural, or semi-rural settings. Hosni and Carrington travelled across the Egyptian desert regions visiting hotels and shoestring lodges advertised under the label ‘eco-lodge.’

The is certain appeal for ecotourism among local practitioners partly since the integration of the local culture is one of the tenets of ecotourism. The project was to explore the notion of ecotourism and identity. Indeed the ‘eco’ is over-layered with the ‘ethno’ to produce an eco-ethno condition that reciprocally contributed to the self-perception of ethnicity among the practitioners of ecotourism

… and a Bedouin finds poetry in everything … it’s a way of life. ❚