VSTR Surf Lifestyle Brand by Kelly Slater


VST & Company was a Filipino disco group prominent during the late 1970s in the Philippines. Considered to be the pioneer and icon of what is known as the Manila Sound.

In surf­ing, VSTR is run by 11-time world surf cham­pi­on Kelly Slater and on top backed by Quick­sil­ver. The recent­ly launched surf lifestyle brand VSTR takes a kind of pio­neer­ing spir­it as inspi­ra­tion, probably like once the Filipino disco group.

Slater says: “I’m not going to come up with some John Daly-style pants, but I have been working on a line with Quiksilver. My input with the clothes is more about a lifestyle and a philosophy rather than me actually trying to style or design them. We’re looking at organic and eco fabrics—mainly for travelling clothes, which is something I know a little about. When it comes to style, my style is not to worry about it. As a surfer I’m happy keeping it clean and casual.”

I’m totally into the Nomadic Pack—an adventure-ready car­ryall designed to with­stand the rig­ors of extend­ed trav­el by the surfing community (grey bag in the picture above).

As you can see in the image above, the bag is designed to con­ve­nient­ly fit the entire VSTR cloth­ing line. ❚