Uncommon Skateboard Tricks In Super Slow Motion

Posted by Helge Zirkl | August 1st, 2012 Share
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Filmed at 1,000 frames per second with a Redlake N3 high speed camera. Since skateboarding trick names are defined by common usage and these tricks are not very common, some of them don’t have well-established names. So here are the best guesses as to what they should be called:

Kyle McPherson – Nollie Dolphin Flip (aka Nollie Forward Flip)
Cameron Carmichael – Backside 180 Casper Flip (aka Backside 180 Hospital Flip)
Jerrod Skorupski – Nollie Heelflip Backside Body Varial
David Case – Nollie 360 Shuvit Underflip (aka Nerd Flip)
David Case – Frontside Shuvit Underflip (aka Kiwi Flip)
Dustin Blauvelt – Hardflip Pretzel
Dustin Blauvelt – Merlin Twist (Switch Frontfoot Impossible Frontside 180)
Dustin Blauvelt – Nollie Heelflip Indy Grab
Shane Anderson – Earlygrab Frontside 180 Fingerflip
Jovan Pierson – Pressure Hardflip
Jovan Pierson – Jovan Flip
Erick Schaefer – Backside Pop Shuvit Underflip
Tim Hamp – Nollie Pressure Hardflip. ❚ Flattr this

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