Touch Skin – OLED Touch Screen And Downloadable, Customizable Skins

Touch Skin

Touch Skin placed on charger.

The Touch Skin concept by designer Niels Astrup has been awarded third place in the 2012 Design That Performs competition by Samsung. This digital time accessory with anodised aluminium case is a touch sensitive watch that combines tradition and transcendence via classic minimalist analogue watch design. OLED touch screen and downloadable, customizable skins.

Touch Skin fits in neatly with existing gadgets and is not seen as a smartphone watch. Astrup outlines, “from the morning when you wake, customize the look of the watch to match your dress code with the build- in watch designs. If you are not satisfied you can always connect the watch to your computers Bluetooth and download new skins or design your own from the Touch Skin App.”

Touch Skin

Digital Touch Skin edition.

The three touch steps:

  1. For battery saving efficiency the watch is normally in stealth mode. By pressing the screen gently with one finger, the watch switches between idle mode and normal/ night mode for three seconds.
  2. By pressing the screen gently with two fingers, the watch switches to Date mode for three seconds.
  3. And finally by pressing the screen with three fingers it is possible for the user to switch between the different skins installed in the watch.
Touch Skin

Two finger touch switches to date in handlettering for three seconds.

The watch is radio controlled so no need for adjusting the time and at the same time the gift box acts as wireless charger. Touch Skin is placed on top of the box and the magnetic lock in the wristband automatically snaps to the box and the watch starts charging. The charger also works with other wireless charged objects. See the Touch Skin mock-up demo here. ❚