The Spirit Of Light In The World Of Ancient Legends

‘Tangible User Interface‘ describes a sensible interface between analogue operation and digital effects. This approach both fascinates and inspires Matthias Pinkert, the chief product designer at German HOLY TRINITY.

The aluminium based Rima Lamp ($1.491) is designed for any writing desk and refers to a kindly spirit of light in the world of ancient legends. The slim light bar provides as much warm white light as you need. Four rings may be moved easily along the bar, they function as the light switch, and one or two precisely lit areas may be ’pulled open‘ intuitively and without any intermediate steps, depending on the user‘s individual needs. The materials used and the discreet colours support the elegantly minimalist form, which makes this desk light an enriching optical addition to your desk. ❚

Rima LampRima LampRima Lamp