The Discovery Of Classical Modernism In Current Graphic Design

The ModernistThe ModernistThe ModernistThe Modernist

The Modernist (Gestalten, ISBN 978-3-89955-344-4, $55) is a collection of work in graphic design and illustration that is created with minimal intrusions. From the cover paper stock to the paper stock of the interior pages, it’s fine attention to detail is not so common in (graphic design) books these days. The deliberately limited palette of colors, tools, and geometric forms that it uses makes the work seem both contemporary and timeless.

After going through an eclectic, baroque, and iconic phase, today’s design is again taking its visual cues from functionalism and pragmatism. Young graphic designers and illustrators are working in a way that is influenced by the principles of classic modernism.

The book makes clear that today’s work does not simply copy the classic design of the 1960s and 1970s. Rather, it seamlessly includes the best aspects of the 1990s such as vector graphics and construction.

The Modernist documents the current trend of a reduced, matter-of-fact, and practical design approach. It’s definitely a book you’ll flip to over and over again for inspiration. ❚