The App Every Freelancer Needs

The App Every Freelancer NeedsThe App Every Freelancer Needs

Are you a freelance designer and you don’t know how much to charge for your work? The free downloadable app MyPrice is an application tool for everyone who works in an independent manner. Calculate how much you can charge for your independent professional services taking under account factors like the kind of project, client, location, as well as your education and experience.

Charge per worked hour: Handle your personal and working expenses by month or by year, then calculate how much you can charge for your part time job or full time job.

Charge per project: Select all the project characteristics that you will implement, the kind of client, the developing environment, etcetera. The application will calculate how much you can charge by category and also a total cost of the project.

As a cloud-based software, MyPrice allows users to save the templates of their past projects for future reference. ❚