The 100 Most Interesting Websites

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The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Websites are still growing more amazing every day. When we made this list we consider 3 things: content, content and content. Throughout the year we save screenshots, bookmark and favorite the best web content we run across but can’t post on our site.

We hope you’ll sit back to explore these sites. And while you’re at it, leave us a comment about your own favorite site on our Facebook site It’s never too early start on the list for 2014. Here are the world’s bravest:

UYW Magazine, Oksana Yushko

Photography: UYW Magazine issue 13, Oksana Yushko.


  1. UYW Magazine – An online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art.
  2. Flak Photo – Representing the work of artists, curators, bookmakers and photo organizations.
  3. Excerpt Magazine – A free online publication about photo-based practice.
  4. F-Stop – .Contemporary photograhy from established and emerging photographers.
  5. Urbanautica – Journal dedicated primarly to contemporary and documentary photography.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Design: Design Mind.


  1. Design Mind – A media platform by frog that includes a print magazine, a website, videos, and events.
  2. Minimalissimo – An online editorial platform that celebrates minimalism in design.
  3. Tuvie – Modern industrial design and future technology.
  4. But Does It Float – Eclectic art and design blog.
  5. Geometry Daily – Tilman Zitzmann posts daily geometric compositions.

Typography: Type Worship.


  1. Type Worship – Inspirational typography, beautiful lettering, reviews, interviews with leading designers.
  2. Type Museum – A (German) platform around typography.
  3. BLOKK – A font for quick mock-ups and wireframing for clients who do not understand latin.
  4. House Industries – Unconventional types and objects.
  5. MyFonts – Large collection of fonts.
Paris versus New York

Illustration: Paris versus New York.


  1. Dribble – Show and tell for designers and illustrators.
  2. Paris Versus New York – Blog by Vahram Muratyan, a graphic artist living between Paris and New York.
  3. Pattern Bank – Inspiration for print, pattern and graphics.
  4. Behance – Illustration besides design and photography.
  5. Drawn – Daily source of inspiration for illustration and animation.
Annals of Americus

Visual: Annals of Americus.


  1. Swiss Miss – A design blog run by a swiss designer gone NYC.
  2. FFFFound – The best of image bookmarking.
  3. Mrs. Easton – seriously obsessed serials.
  4. Collab X Lab – A Tumblr about brand collaborations.
  5. Annals of Americus – From the margins of post-empire America.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Tools: Units Of Measure.


  1. Was It Worth It – A app that lets you quickly see whether projects you’ve done were worth doing or not.
  2. Nubook – Minimalistic predesigned web pages.
  3. Units Of Measure – Features traditional units of measure like degree celsius, kilogram and hectare.
  4. 100 For 10 – Who says design sets have to be expensive?
  5. The Maker Map – An open source project aiming to create a global database of maker resources.

NYC Startups: Sunrise.

NYC Startups

  1. Layer Vault – Simple iOS version control for designers.
  2. Sunrise – A free, fast and beautiful calendar designed to make your life easier.
  3. Checkthis – Share colorful stories with images, words, and more.
  4. Jukely – Your concert concierge.
  5. Oyster – The best way to read books on your phone.
Blouin Art Info

Magazines: Blouin Art Info.


  1. Blouin Art Info – Online destination for Art and Culture.
  2. Burn Magazine – An evolving journal for emerging photographers.
  3. The Garlic Bread – Dedicated to highlighting young and ambitious artists from Israel and abroad.
  4. Ad Busters – Culture jammers.
  5. Design Week – A unique source of exclusive design related news.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Rides: Stab Mag.


  1. A Brief Glance – An independent magazine that talks about skateboarding and beyond.
  2. Live – Covers skateboarding and art on a special way.
  3. Snowbroader – The european snowboard blog.
  4. Pink Bike – The number one source for bike enthusiasts (MTB, Freeride, Dirt…).
  5. Stab Mag – While you were sleeping, their eyes stayed open.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Lifestyle: Superfuture.


  1. Brain Pickings – Maria Popova is roaming for ideas, insights, knowledge and inspiration.
  2. Superfuture – A mainline for the latest urban happenings and releases from around the world.
  3. We Heart – Editor-in-chief James Davidson find interesting happenings around the globe.
  4. AisleOne – An inspirational resource from Design and everything else.
  5. Flavorwire – Covers a mixture of art, design and lifestyle.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Gear: Gear Patrol.


  1. Gear Patrol – Spirit of adventure, passion for gear.
  2. Esquire – Women We Love blog.
  3. Ars Technica – The art of gear.
  4. Geek – News, reviews and tips.
  5. Por Homme – Men’s lifestyle, fashion, footwear and culture.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Gaming: Polygon.


  1. Polygon – Games and tons of reviews.
  2. VG/247 – The name says it all.
  3. Shoryuken – Highly popular blog that covers everything related to Japanese gaming industry.
  4. Playstation – Lifestyle gaming blog by Sony.
  5. Kotaku – The gamer’s guide.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Arts & Culture: Aesthetica Magazine blog.

Arts & Culture

  1. Art Finder – Find the art you love to live with.
  2. Atlas Obscura – Curious and wondrous culture destinations.
  3. Aesthetica – Arts and Culture blog.
  4. Frieze Blog – Clearly a major player in the art world.
  5. Elephant – A quarterly magazine on contemporary art and visual culture.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Tech: Creative Applications.


  1. Creative Applications – Apps that inspire.
  2. Cult of Mac – Following everything Apple.
  3. DigiInfo TV – A Tokyo-based video news site dedicated to the coverage of cutting edge technology.
  4. Slashdot – Tech news and community.
  5. Lifehacker – Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.
DIY Photography

DIY: DIY Photography.


  1. DIY Photography – A place dedicated to DIY photography lovers.
  2. Sugru Hacks – The future needs fixing.
  3. DIY Drones – The leading community for personal UAVs.
  4. Hack a Day – Mostly electronic hacks.
  5. Hacked Gadgets – A DIY Tech blog and community.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Music: Banana Radio.


  1. Brooklyn Vegan – A music blog from Brooklyn.
  2. Banana Records – A hybrid project, both webradio and website for cultural news.
  3. Noisey – VICE’s new music channel.
  4. Pitchfork – Essential guide to music.
  5. Jazz Radio – Rebirth of the cool.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Inspiring: Looks Like Good Design.


  1. Quipsologies – Chronicling the most creative design projects.
  2. Looks Like Good Design – Daily high quality inspiration.
  3. Sketchbook Project – It’s like a roadtrip, but with sketchbooks.
  4. Geometry Daily – A different geometric pattern every day.
  5. Typeverything – A selection of beautiful typography.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Travel: Fotopedia.


  1. Fotopedia – An amazing photo-encyclopedia.
  2. Another Something & Company – Notes on the beauty of travel culture.
  3. Alex Robertson Textor – Travels for the opportunity to glimpse different ways of living.
  4. Designtripper – Meghan McEwen roams the world for the coziest accommodations.
  5. Bald Hiker – The ramblings of Paul Steele and friends.
The 100 Most Interesting Websites

Blogs: The Made Shop.


  1. A Continuous Lean – Michael Williams is roaming for quality, style and provenance.
  2. Scott Hansen – Aka ISO50.
  3. The Made Shop – Collates great design from across the globe.
  4. The Design Blog – Don’t hide your great ideas.
  5. Mighty Optical Illusions – Amazing optical illusions.

Wildcard: Phases.


  1. art21 – Inspiring creative thinking.
  2. Unhappy Hipsters – It’s lonely in the modern world.
  3. boingboing – Inspiration and entertainment.
  4. NYCtype – A collection of photos by Luke Connolly while walking around New York.
  5. Phases – An online photography magazine focusing on fresh contemporary photography.

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