Thank You Andy Warhol

Andy Angel Devil

Andy Angel Devil, 2011. Anthony Haden-Guest.

Andy Warhol is one of the most accesible artist of the twentieth century. So, why another Warhol book? He died 25 years ago and created and exhibited his thirtytwo Campbell’s soup cans fifty years ago. And we are still talking about his life, his work, and his wig. The eighty interviews in this book with illustrious artists, designers, and others, each of whom was influenced by Andy Warhol  just begin to explain why.

“The criteria for selecting my interviewees were that the person had to have been influenced, affected, or touched by the life and/or work of Andy Warhol. They also had to have had a compelling story that referenced or involved a specific piece of Warhol art, book, film, creative collaboration or an actual meeting/conversation with Warhol,” explains the author Catherine Johnson.

Just some of the luminaries interviewed and featured in Thank You Andy Warhol (Glitterati, ISBN 9780985169602, $50) include Frances Grill, Ivan Karp, Billy Name, Brigid Berlin, Jeffrey Deitch, Danny Fields, Ken Heyman, Bibbe Hansen, George Lois, Gretchen Berg, Vincent Fremont, Bob Colacello, Sylvia Miles, Peter Beard, Christopher Makos, Liza Minnelli, Patrick McDonald, Richard Prince, Kenny Scharf, Vik Muniz, Simon Doonan, Ryan McGinness, Eric Shiner, Kara Walker, and Jamie Warhola.

Their collective descriptions are compelling and paint an incredible picture of both Andy Warhol and the notable interviewees themselves. Each person discusses the profound influence of Andy Warhol on lives and/or work, or both. In addition, each person interviewed cites a piece of Warhol artwork that is personally significant to him or her, whether it be an artwork, book, film, creative collaboration, meeting, or conversation with Warhol, as an addition to the description of how he affected work and lives. Amazingly, only two people referenced the same piece of Warhol art. ❚