Surfing The Wild East

Posted by Helge Zirkl | March 21st, 2012 Share

Wild EastOn September 26 2011, the Blickinsfreie team together with professional surfers Ian Walsh, Gary Saavedra and Perth Standlick went on a three-week adventure through the Caucasus Eurasia with a mission to surf the Black Sea as well as Caspian Sea just north of Baku, Azerbaijan. Fusing the intentions to expose new surf territory with a fever for adventure and foreign land, our mission was to deliver a compelling story to an audience of core surf enthusiasts on a global level.

It all started when a group of us discovered a surf scene along the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Local surfers shared their idea of searching along the Black Sea for uncharted surf territory and together we formed an international crew of surfers to write, film and photograph our travels as we discover and explore the Wild East.

And as we began to map out our trip, we brainstormed for ideas on a possible route. We found surf spots in both the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and our goal was to complete a 3.000 km journey to Baku, Azerbaijan, where we can surf and document waves never before shown.

Our angle? To tell a story of surfing undocumented and exotic territory in the “Wild East”, with tales of traveling through countries saturated in a life that’s captivating and foreign.
The 24-minute documentary is available as High Definition Download here. ❚ Flattr this

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