Stair Rover – A Class Of Its Own

Stair RoverStair Rover

The Stair Rover Stairboard by designer Po-Chih Lai is a longboard with dual-wheel stair-descending mechanisms in place of regular wheels, and, it’s for stairs. Lai says, “No city is so fascinating and encouraging as London. Few can outline the metropolitan diversity so perfectly as this place. The Barbican Centre presents its Urban Stories, indicating that the sub-culture of graffiti, free-running, skateboarding, street dance, and extreme sports are now accepted and a valid and valuable influence on our generation. London is my inspiration. It leads me to craft a new hybrid sport around the classic skateboard and novel stair climbing mechanism. The project aims to create a new experience for users to rove along the landscape of the city. This advanced boarding activity turns boundaries and restrictions into a positive and creative physical enquiry into the ever changing kinesis of the urban ecosystem.”