Slow Down The Frantic Pace Of Life

Beon Sleeps

“The mundane and the commonplace attract me—I always profess an affinity for subject matters closely related to my daily life. I often dwell upon urban and contemporary themes and landscapes; be it the city or its inhabitants. Intrigued by subtle changes in my environment, I find a corresponding shift in my feelings and thoughts. Hence, my images are a poetic reflection of myself in response to the nuanced changes in my environment,” says Clang about his work in general.

Ultimately, a good photograph is one that brings us face to face with our own existence. It pulls the stranger standing next to us into the intimate radius of our life. It collapses the beauty and strangeness around us into one. It connects. A good photograph does all these.

So does this short series by Photographer and visual artist John Clang, who finished the series Beon Sleeps, where his friend Beon becomes a traffic-stopper of people and vehicles. Defiantly falling asleep in the path of danger, Beon waves a valiant but futile flag for people slow down their frantic pace of life in Singapore. Beon yearns to be able to catch up with them. ❚

Beon SleepsBeon SleepsBeon SleepsBeon Sleeps