SideKick – The Perfect
 Gift For Every Tablet User

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Santa is sure to leave iPads and tablets under trees in every city and town. While he may handle them with gloves, you can bet the lucky people who receive them won’t. And you know what that means – fingerprints. All over the screen every time it’s used.

There’s one way to completely remove fingerprints and oils from an iPad or tablet screen, and that’s to clean it with SideKick ($24.95) by LensPen®. It’s a great stocking stuffer idea for new and current iPad and tablet users. Cloths, tissues, sprays – even Smart Covers – will remove some of the prints, but a small amount will remain, and will build up over time. This little gadget removes them all.

 “We’re frequently asked if a SideKick is needed if an iPad has a Smart Cover, and it definitely is!” said Ryan Keating, vice president of marketing at the LensPen Group. “The Smart Cover picks up some of the oils where the microfiber side actually comes into contact with the screen. And long streaks of fingerprints remain under the flex joints. SideKick is an absolute necessity to completely clean iPad screens.” ❚