RoundFlash – THE Collapsible Ring Flash Adapter

Jana Cerno

Jana Cerno

Jana Cerno by Peter Nitsch with RoundFlash.

The almost imperceptible weight of 313g (11oz) and no need of power supply make the collapsible RoundFlash Magnetic Black ($139) the best portable ring light choice on location, in the studio or elsewere. I have a small photo-bag, and when it fits in my bag it fits in every photo-bag!

As you can see in the portrait photograph above, the RoundFlash delivers the top quality ring flash effect due to the full and even light circle. The inner diffuser assures the correct light distribution and eliminates any hotspots at the front panel.

RoundFlash – Collapsible Ring Flash AdapterRoundFlash – Collapsible Ring Flash Adapter

RoundFlash – Collapsible Ring Flash Adapter

Basic dimensions with sample gear: Canon 5DmkII + 580EXII.

A fair size (1) makes the RoundFlash the softest ring flash choice for strobists. The collapsible diffuser for SLR/DSLR with additional flash guns fits most body+standard /tele lens+flash combos (2), especialy the the huge professional portrait lens (like Canon L 85mm, f/1.2 or similar). With small lens, a lens hood or a step-up ring can be helpful in keeping the RoundFlash on the right place

Due to the huge dimensions and tricky patent-pending construction the RoundFlash gives a very even and soft light. There are no hotspots or dark areas on the front surface. For best results set the flash zoom at 85mm manually and if using TTL mode set the flash compensation on +11⁄2 EV.

Call it the diffuser for your speedlight or the flash modifier for the ambitious strobist. #musthave ❚