Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keychain

Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener KeychainRecycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keychain

The Recycled Skateboard Bottle Opener Keychain ($12) are made each one by hand by Jeff Gray. They are cut out on a band saw in the back of our skateboard shop, then sanded with grip tape that has been removed from the broken boards. So, nothing goes to waste! Each bottle opener is unique and shows a different degree of wear. Great for opening bottles. Each one is unique and awesome.

Gray explains to us in the following how he’s going to try to make recycling part of his business: “I started out recycling boxes and shipping materials, but wanted to do more.  At Scene 3, we sell skateboards and bicycles with an emphasis on bringing old bicycles back to life.  Refurbishing bicycles that some would consider junk inspired me to explore ways to reuse discarded skateboards.  Skateboarders are constantly breaking their decks and will leave their old decks with me after purchasing a new one.  I began by cutting out smaller cruiser shapes from the old decks, which cut off the parts that were chipped and worn down.  I kept the scraps from this project which began to accumulate. Skateboard decks are made by gluing multiple layers of wood together, usually of different colors which has a unique appearance.  The first project with the deck scrapes was just a basic keychain.  The keychains were appealing to skateboarders, but a friend suggested adding something to make it more appealing to a broader audience and thus the bottle opener was born.  It was rather crude at first, just a skateboard bolt sticking out of the bottom, but I needed a proof of concept.  The concept worked, but it was not practical since the bolt could get snagged on things, such as clothing.  The shape of the deck cutout needed to protect the bolt from snags which lead to the final version of the keychain.  All of the keychain bottle openers are hand selected, cut (with a bandsaw), and sanded.  All of the decks receive a protective finish to keep the colors vibrant.  In the spirit of reusing and recycling, grip tape from broken decks or scrapes are used to sand the keychains.”