Pixel Trade = Photography > Food, Shelter, Transport

Shantanu StarickShantanu Starick

Shantanu Starick is travelling around the world without using money. And you’re asking yourself how is he doing this? Trade, is the answer. “As a professional photographer I’m trading my services for a few days, photographing any subject, in return for the necessities: Food, Shelter, Transport,” says Starick.

Occasionally people trade personal necessities, items of clothing, equipment, flights etc. This is discussed before the trade and not expected.

The way it works: “I take photographs for any project someone has, as I would a client: Portraits, products, music, architecture, weddings, fashion, anything. The edited photographs are my part of the trade. In order for my journey to continue I ask to be introduced to a new trader during my stay. A friend, an associate, anyone that would benefit from having professional photographs taken. The pixel trade will continue, leading from one place to the next.”