Pinball With Your iPad

Duo Pinball

Duo Pinball ($59.99) is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller for iPad works exclusively with the massively popular Pinball HD ($1.59) and Pinball HD Collection (free download with in-app purchase) Apps, now available on the App Store, which collectively have had more than 2.6 million downloads to-date.

“Duo Pinball recreates the same tactile, immersive experience players will remember from real arcade pinball machines,” said Mike Sievert, CEO at Discovery Bay Games. “The feel of the buttons, the angle at which the iPad is held, the ball movement and 3D graphics engine – everything about Duo Pinball has been designed to recreate and improve upon a timeless game.”

Experience some pinball wizardry and relive your favorite arcade moments with Duo Pinball. ❚