Video Interview: Patrick Hoelck – Candid, Gritty and Simply Real

Patrick Hoelck Portrait

“Hoelck’s images seem at first to be random, thrown together, an accidental assemblage, but they provide a narrative of our cultural landscape, a series on contemporary urban life.” – Gisela Getty

Patrick Hoelck is an American filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles and New York City. He is popularly known for his unique artistic style, capturing dramatic portraits of celebrities, athletes, and models alike. Hoelck has worked with nearly everyone from Clint Eastwood to Samuel Jackson, Ray Lotta, Danny Trejo and Keifer Sutherland, just to name a few. Let’s have a video interview spotlight on Patrick Hoelck and his new project entitled POLAROID HOTEL:

Press, flash, picture. Simple. Then wait. And wait. And wait some more. The anticipation to see what you have captured is a thrill that has been lost with modern technology. In a world full of instant there have been unfortunate casualties. Polaroid instant film was almost one of them. It’s not just the nostalgia that makes Polaroids alluring. It’s the unpredictability. You never know if you’re going to end up with a masterpiece or a disaster but it really doesn’t matter, it’s yours.

In POLAROID HOTEL, Hoelck pays tribute to the art of Polaroid photography with a book of images that capture intimate moments of his life and career throughout 17 years, showing that just because Polaroid has aged it hasn’t lost its appeal.

Patrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - PolaroidsPatrick Hoelck - Polaroids
Hoelck‘s commercial oeuvre is a kind of “who is who”. He’s been taking photographs of Dita von Teese, Patricke Dempsey, Ray Lotta, Clint Eastwood, Samuel Jackson, Christina Ricci, Danny Trejo, Keifer Sutherland, Paz Vega, Jason Statham and many more. Down below you’ll find just a small excerpt of his huge body of commercial work. On Patrick Hoelck‘s website you’ll find a lot more of them. ❚

Patrick Hoelck - Commercial Work

Dita von Teese

Patrick Hoelck - Commercial Work

Keifer Sutherland

Patrick Hoelck - Commercial Work

Ray Liotta

Patrick Hoelck - Commercial Work

Christina Ricci & Samuel L. Jackson

Patrick Hoelck - Commercial Work

Danny Trejo

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