Padintosh Retro Case For iPad – Party Like It’s 1984!

Padintosh Retro Case For iPad

How striking looking is this Padintosh Case ($49.99) for iPad? Evoke the heady technological heyday of the mid 80s with this retro iPad cover. Released to much fan-fare in 1984, the original Apple Mac 128K design has remained iconic well into the 21st Century and is right at home adorning the Padintosh for iPad 2 – the perfect retro accessory for your everyday nostalgic, tablet toting Apple head. As respected as the old-school Apple Mac has become, in today’s world the size factor is just not practical. The Padintosh allows you to show off the latest in tablet technology – the iPad 2 – while still displaying your appreciation for the Mac Daddy of all personal computers.

The ultra thin 2mm cutouts by Thumbs Up are among the cleanest and most precise ever seen on a back cover case like this. The case feels solid and should offer good protection to the back of the iPad. It works nicely with the Apple Smart Cover for the iPad too. Relive your 80s youth without losing your technological edge. ❚