Open Horizon – Skateboarding And Timelapse

Posted by Helge Zirkl | June 13th, 2012 Share

Open HorizonOpen HorizonOpen Horizon

Skateboarding, Timelapse and everything in between is a video by Russell Houghten, featuring: Dylan Rieder, John Rattray, Shuriken Shannon, Tom Karangelov, Jordan Taylor, Arto Saari, Oscar Meza, Dominik Dietrich, Jon Goemann, Jared Huss, Sam Winter, Jake Johnson, Stefan Janoski and Ben Nordberg. ❚

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Octavio Barrera - Skateboarder And Artist

Octavio Barrera – Skateboarder And Artist

RVCA Europe Advocate Octavio Barrera is not only a well renowned pro skater, outstanding artist and promising product designer, but also owns a bar with his friends and runs a skateboard wheel company. Who knows if Octavio would have been any different if he’d been given another name. But lets face it, there’s no better …

Chiemgau Impressions

Chiemgau Impressions

Mario Feil found this footage in his archives while doing his current backups. It's showing the Chiemgau, a region in the south of bavaria between Munich and Salzburg and by the way the homebase of Mario Feil. He planned to use it as stock footage for filling gaps in some videos. The slides (real time …

Digital Time-Lapse Camera

Digital Time-Lapse Camera

Making a HD time-lapse video always seems like a good idea ... but then it starts raining. And a hamster turns your camera into a rat race. The Photojojo Digital Time-Lapse Camera ($149) is designed to create time-lapse videos at the push of a button. Easy on and easy off! Say goodbye to intervalometers, settings …

Camalapse - Mobile Panning Time-Lapse Device

Camalapse – Mobile Panning Time-Lapse Device

The Camalapse ($24.99) by Camarush can help you create panning time-lapse videos or panoramic images with your ultra compact digital camera. This little guy can capture up to 360°/60min of pictures or video or 90° in 15 minutes. This is impressive, because this device doesn't need any batteries. Simply attach your camera to the top …

Little Bramper - Smooth Exposure Control For DSLR Time-Lapse

Little Bramper – Smooth Exposure Control For DSLR Time-Lapse

"One of the main problems facing time-lapsers is how to adjust exposure during the course of the time-lapse.  The normal modes of a digital SLR only allow the exposure to be changed in relatively large steps - causing very unpleasant exposure jumps in the resulting time-lapse.  Find a sunset time-lapse on youtube and you’ll probably …

Vintage Neon Channel Letters Typekit (Time-Lapse)

Vintage Neon Channel Letters Typekit (Time-Lapse)

There are things one obviously doesn't need, but because they are fascinating and beautiful you would love to own them. For example, 3-dimensional vintage neon channel letters, which are commonly found on commercial buildings as signage. They are formed by machine or by hand from materials such as tin or aluminum. Most of the time, …

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