Now Atheists Have Soles Too!

Ich Bin AtheistIch Bin Atheist

Producing quality goods still goes on in Germany. You know the Germans always make good stuff and they have a sense of humour too!

Inspired by the Bauhaus and begotten of the finest materials, here’s a dollop of godless love, in a shoe. The Nabokov Cream (roughly $150) is a handmade shoe with an “Ich bin Atheist” sole, which is German and translates into English as “I’m an atheist.”

“Not only did we feel this could be a nice, understated way for people to profess their godlessness, but we also fell for the bauhausy, 1930s look of the shoes and we thought they’d be a welcome antidote to the cheap, samey designs belched out by the big sneaker corporations,” explains Atheist. ❚