Matt Belzile Interview

Matt Belzile

“Matt lets his riding speak for him. Quiet and humble describes him best off the hill. But put him on a snowboard, and he’ll destroy everything in front of him. In the park or an urban setting, it’s apparent that he honed his skills in the icy terrain of Quebec since he stomps like a champ and spins like a top, just like the contest kid he is. Lately he’s taken his deep bag of tricks into the backcountry, and that’s not an easy task. Belzile is well on his way to a bright future.” – John Scarth – Photo Editor Snowboard Canada

Name: Matt Belzile

Place of residence: Aylmer, Canada

Age: 26

Profession: Snowboarder

Food: Sushi

Transportation: Toyota Tacoma
Sponsors: Quiksilver, K2, 32, Etnies, Dragon and Celtek

How was it growing up in Aylmer and finally choosing snowboarding as your daily job?
Aylmer is a small town with only one high school. There was only a hand full dudes snowboarding yet none of us followed the industry till my friends starting buying snowboard mags and shred vids. Trying to make snowboarding my daily job really didn’t come till I moved to whistler for a summer of snowboarding and some of the friends I made there convinced me to stay. All I wanted to do was ride more so it was an easy decision. It’s in Whistler that I realized that I wanted to make snowboarding my life.

What should the title “Pro Snowboarder” really mean in 2011?
It should mean that you’re making more money than your parents. So if you’re parents are making lots of money than it’s a little harder …

What or who is leading the progression of snowboarding?
The park rat contest dudes.

How do you set about hitting up a big rail, what are you thinking about?
Just thinking about the trick I want on it and build up some confidence. Hope I make it to the end with in a reasonable amount of tries.

How do you maintain your health and athleticism?
Snowboard everyday and drink chocolate milk.

Do you think in your youth you had a focus that other people didn’t necessarily have?
No, I think I just Loved snowboarding so much that I was spending more time on my board and didn’t have a choice but to progress.

Why is it that you have maintained your high level of snowboarding, but some of your peers have not?
I try to ride park as much as I can. Although sometimes it’s hard when filming.

How much of your success in snowboarding do you attribute to natural talent over work?
I’d attribute it to passion for the sport and thriving to learn everything about it.

What goals remain for you within snowboarding?
I just want to keep riding and progressing. And maybe one day start making more money than my parents?

What about your interests outside of riding?
Well, I like skateboarding lots, pretty much just playing games of s.k.a.t.e with everyone at the Whistler skatepark. I also sparked some interest in the business side of snowboarding, so I’ve been spending lots of time at the Westbeach office in Vancouver during the off-season.

Matt BelzileMatt BelzileMatt Belzile