Made On Earth By Enrique Pacheco

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Made On EarthMade On Earth

Made on Earth by Enrique Pacheco is the result of many photography expeditions over the past two years. Spain, Iceland, Estonia and USA were his main destinations. Pacheco says that his “goal has always been to get the best results, both technical and dramatical, emphasizing composition, light and feeling in each and every shot.”

Asking Enrique Pacheco upon his camera equipment he used for this project he gave us the following list:
2x Canon 5DmarkII
1x Nikon 14-24 f2.8, Nikon 17-35 f2.8, Nikon 80-200 f2.8
Motorized slider: Kietacam Xlidercam-M (thank you to Juan and Jose from Kietacam for sponsoring me with the great equipment. I couldn’t have done it without it.)

And on editing and postproduction he used:
1st. – Developing with Lightroom
2nd. – Continued developing with LRTimelapse
3rd. – Complied with Quicktime
4th. – Editing with Final Cut Pro
5th. – Post with After Effects
6th. – Color Grading with Apple Color

While talking about his most memorable moment during the two year shooting he replied, that “shooting time-lapse means to spend many hours out in the field, waiting for the right light, the right moment, and then waiting for the camera to finish. Being in nature for such long journeys, most of the time alone, gives you the opportunity to spend a lot  of time with yourself, and I think that this is one of the wonderful things of time-lapse photography, that help you to know yourself better, and feel more integrated with nature and everything that is around you. But time-lapse it´s a great way of meeting fantastic people at the same time. From the cold glaciers of Iceland to the busy cities of USA, I always found somebody to share experiences and good moments. Maybe the most memorable moment was that crazy colourful sunset at Jokulsarlon lagoon, in Iceland. Sharing that moment with Dustin Farrell while we conducted a workshop was a total mind-blowing moment.” Flattr this

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