Look At This People

Look At This People 01Look At This People 01

Street photography is becoming a bit more popular now in China. Look At This People (Akaaka, ISBN : 978-4-903545-76-9), is a series of photos taken by photographer Eric Colour in China’s Yunnan province. ERIC says that he was drawn to the uniquely carefree way that people live there, and there’s a real energy to these photographs. Nothing may illustrate this better than a section of the book in which he wades, so to speak, into a local festival where people literally sling mud at each other–the mud is a symbol which is meant to protect people against attacks from wild beasts. His camera didn’t survive the event, but the photographs that did are a testament not just to the vivacity of Yunnan’s people, but also to the special way of life.

Colour has a seemingly insatiable desire to photograph people, and his use of bright flash in daylight makes his candid portraits practically leap off the page. Although he was born in Hong Kong, Eric Colour did not visit China until the buildup to the 2006 Beijing Olympics, when he took the vibrant photos that would become his book Good Look China.  ❚