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Stefan Eigner

Stefan Eigner is one of Germany’s finest action sports photographers. Back in the old school days the german born photographer Stefan Eigner spent a lot of time on his skateboard. After exposing slide films (yes, there has been a time before digital life) with an old SLR from his father, Eigner found his passion for photography in his mid twenties. He quit his job to visit a school for photography and has been working three years for the Playboard Skateboard and Snowboard Magazine afterwards.

Nowadays Eigner lives near Stuttgart, rides his Mountainbike as much as he has time left and works for different clients and magazines as freelance photographer in the area of Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Freeskiing and Mountainbiking.

Stefan EignerStefan EignerStefan Eigner

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Burn Ignite Film: Ride – Featuring Steve Berra

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