Knit The City – Dial M For Monster

Dial M for Monster

Dial M for Monster (known to his friends as Muncher) is Deadly Knitshade’s part of the BT ArtBox project.

Are you a  lone wool-hungry wolf and don’t want to stand under the woolly umbrella of quiet stitching at home in front of the TV? Well, then you probably have heard of yarnbombing becoming yarnstorming: “The term ‘yarnstorming’ was first used by Knit the City as a squishy, less violent and more creative term for ‘yarnbombing’. A necessary adaptation made due to not wanting to use bandy about the word ‘bombing’ on the BBC news coverage of KTC’s first graffiti knitting event,” said Deadly Knitshade.

Operating from a secret underground wool-lined bunker in the heart of the busy metropolis of London, Knit the City’s Yarn Corps are artists who spend most of their lives operating under assumed names. Knit the City have been collectively sneaky stitching, and leaving their art in public, in the city of London since February 2009 – one stitch at a time.

According DK “they were the first graffiti knitting art collective to move away from the ‘socks on things’ concept and tell ‘stitched stories’ (a concept conjured by their fearless fibre-flinging founder Deadly Knitshade) through their crafty creating of amigurumi creatures and characters to create installations in public places.” AND Knit the City has been squashed into a handy book: A Whodunnknit Set In London ($6.17). ❚

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