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Xavier de Le Rue is a name people tend to hear more and more (and miss-spelt just as much though!). Although he’s been charging for many years, recognition is only starting to catch up to his riding skills. One explanation might be because he has never been looking for fame and always been doing what he does best, ride as much as possible instead of talking about it or acting like a rockstar or a super hero.  In real life, Xavier De Le Rue is just a normal guy, a young daddy, in love with Pyrenees, snowboarding and mountain in general, keen on spending time with his daughter or outdoors enjoying climbing, surfing or mountain biking.  When he straps his snowboard he’s a bit different than you and me though, he loves going fast and exploring new terrains, reaching the next level in board control and reach a symbiosis with natural environment.

Part of Xavier’s job is to ride and the other part is to get it documented, Standard Films and VideoGrass will show raw action next season. Since snowboarding is more than just action, it seemed logical to Xavier De Le Rue to come up with a solution to have updates about during the seasons and more lifestyle and backstage for the people to discover. Since friendship and having fun is something really important for him, that’s where TimeLine fit in, a webisode series involving few of his friends. “I’m stoked to be part of it along with Tero Repo and Guido Perrini,” he says. There is a strong positive energy around that project and that sums up perfectly Xavier De Le Rue : Strong Positive Energy!

Name: Xavier De Le Rue
Place of residence: France
Age: 31
Profession: Snowboarder
Food: Italian … good products, simple …
Transportation: Too many
Sponsors: Rossignol, The NorthFace, Swatch, Relentless, Nissan, Saint Lary, sncf, Abs, Dakine, Deeluxe, Recco

Hey Xavier, how has your winter been until now? Any highlights?
Winter has been a bit difficult with the snow conditions. Lots of scoping around to find good spots and good conditions, and a lot of work for not that many shots until AK … four amazing days in a row, a perfect reconciliation with snowboarding.

Tell us, how did you get involved in snowboarding and why?
I like gliding, I like being in the mountains, I like speed and taking some air.

Who scouted your talent on a snowboard and who was your first sponsor?
Freesurf, an old french brand that doesn’t exist anymore, gave me my first board and my first check. It was in the Pyrenees, far from everything, really unexpected!

What are your family or parents thoughts about snowboarding. Did they support you first hour?
I got lucky to have sponsors from the very beginning. We are five brothers and sisters in my family, so my parents couldn’t really have supported me financially.

What is the most beautiful reminiscence of your childhood?
Those moments, of discoevring life through snowboarding with a wild group of friends – that will remain in my head forever.

Xavier De Le Rue - Photography by /

When did you decide to become a snowboard pro and did you ever suspect to make a living out of snowboarding?
Never ever, I didn’t even dare to dream about it. It slowly happened, and I’m surprise myself everyday seing that luck to continue.

Are you close to your dream where you are at now?
I would say it’s different, I’m beyond my dream. I’m just so lucky! Eventhough there are lots of dark sides and work that people don’t see behind all this.

Do you remember what you bought with your first big paycheck you earned with snowboarding?
A cross motorbike. I sold it pretty quickly after realizing that I was going to kill myself with it.

What else you want to achieve, what is/are your next goal/s?
I like to try out different stuff in my life. I’m setting up a north face store in the Pyrenees this summer … pretty scary but I guess I’ll learn a lot.

What would you do now, if you never got in contact with a snowboard?
???? Good question!

Xavier De Le Rue - Photography by /

Who influenced your snowboarding? Did you have a favorite rider or video or videopart that you watched when you were learning to ride?
My older brother at first … then I always liked Terje’s vision. Boring but that’s the way it is.

Do you feel the same way about snowboarding now as when you first started?
Sometimes, but not everyday. I’m spoiled – I need really good conditions, and I don’t ride that much without shooting.

What was the biggest mistake in your career?
I would say my avalanche, but it was at the same time my biggest lesson.

What do you fear and what makes you happy?
Guess what … avalanches. I’m a snow stability freak. And that very often takes away my pleasure of riding.

Do you have any weird habits, rituals, or superstitions with snowboarding?
Respect fort the mountains. I like to ask them the permission to be there …and I like to thank them

How many boards are you destroying in one season?

What’s the next big trend in snowboarding?
??? trend …hehe.

For Facebook updates follow Xavier De Le Rue’s Page or visit his website. ❚

Xavier De Le Rue - Photography by / timelinemissions.comXavier De Le Rue - Photography by / timelinemissions.comXavier De Le Rue - Photography by / timelinemissions.comXavier De Le Rue - Photography by /

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