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Stefan Trifan - Portrait

Stefan Trifan

Bucharest-based Designer Stefan Trifan is the creative director and owner at SilkEight Concept. Trifan has worked with some of the leading multimedia and design companies in Romania. He foresees himself in the future in directing and managing more projects and gaining new experience and techniques to propel himself higher in the new media design & technology industry.

Name: Stefan Trifan
Place of residence: Bucharest
Age: 26
Profession: Designer and Art Director

get addicted to … has been collaborating with Trifan on a special weather forecast edition, made for Mac OSX,  for our readers. The screensaver  – with the three cities New York, Munich, Bangkok in one (where most of our readers are located) – provides a two-day forecast (Now, Today, and Tomorrow), based on Yahoo weather forecast and is FREE for download only here! You won’t find this special edition anywhere else …

Download — The Weather, get addicted to … City Edition — Thank You!
Double-click to install and follow the instructions on the screen. After successful installation, head over to your Screensaver settings and choose the TheWeahterGAT, voilá! Requirements — Mac OS X and working internet connection.

The Weather, exclusive get addicted to ... screensaver

The Weather, get addicted to ... City Edition

Romania is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. Is this intersection your inspiration and background for your design works?
Of course, I find a lot of inspiration in the local culture, the Eastern European culture. Especially when I design for a client or a Romanian project, but my personal style is inspired by elegance, minimalism, geometry, small details, the refinement of every detail. When I discover a beautiful shape, it inspires me with an idea – more or less, of course. But most of all I love and feel inspired by the British, French and Scandinavian styles. I wish that every project of mine to be as good as so many great projects in the world. And try to achieve it with every little project of mine.

I’m totally into the clean corporate design you’ve developed for TMY. Could you tell us little about this work?
TMY is actually a good friend of mine (Toma Marcel). He is a HTML/CSS/Java/PHP freelance developer, and he is helping me on some projects that require all his knowledge and his skill. And because I am very pleased with his services and so I decided to surprise him by making his logo without his knowing. Toma fell in love with it from the very first beginning. The main idea started with HTML tags “</ code>” together with a beautiful custom font of mine. The name tags Master Code / Source Code are ways in which I’m calling him the master code, because he is good in what he is doing and I really appreciate and love that.

Stefan Trifan Design - TMY

How did you develop the idea of such a weather forecast screensaver?
The Weather, City Edition screensaver started from a spark: “Why are no other informations displayed on screensavers?”. Most of them display the clock – the time, even I created in the past time some clock screensavers for myself and distributed them to close friends. Someday I started to build a new one and decided to use my experience with Flash, ActionScript3 and API’s. So I decided to show the weather for one city (Now, Today and Tomorrow) based on Yahoo Weather Forecast system, with my own personal concept: black and white, minimalism, wonderful typography and beautiful custom weather icons.

In the beginning I introduced a set of five cities (Barcelona, Bucharest, London, New York, Paris) and I put them on the Internet. And “Wow!”, now I am very happy with the results: hundreds of emails and tweets, articles, more new cities worldwide requests and awesome feedback from many designers and this awesome exclusive edition for get addicted to … Please feel free to download the The Weather, get addicted to … City Edition – Thank you all! And stay tuned, something new is soon to come …

Are you active in any online design communities? And do such communities affect your work?
Yes, I have a Behance account with some of my projects, same on DesignersCouch, but most of them are on my personal and my studio websites. I’m not very interested in sharing personal work on any website. I prefer to share my projects and let them speak for themselves. If they are really-really good, surely they will be seen by many. But I will only share those projects which are perfect.

As a hard working designer, how do you balance work and play?
That’s a good question. I work all the time with the enthusiasm and pleasure for my clients, as well as for my personal projects, I find my motivation in trying to make every new project more better than the previous one. Every day I keep learning, I study new techniques, check new platforms (3D, animation, composition, cinematics, VFX, SDK, etc.); exploring new ways to make more beautiful things for every upcoming project. All of this gives me pleasure, inner balance, satisfied clients and new projects.

Stefan Triva Design - SilkEight ConceptStefan Triva Design - SilkEight Concept

You’re also developing your own fonts. Where can one buy them?
I have always loved beautiful fonts and typography. For me, the fonts are a very important component in any project – you can make it more beautiful with a very well chosen font or a font created especially for that project. I use and always use existing fonts – there are so many and great – but you always have to find the best one for your project, so I got to create my own fonts to continue or sustain the concept of a project. They currently are not for sale. I need more time to prepare them for buying, but in the future I want to sale new fonts or offer some of them for free.

Stefan Trivan Design - Font Design NeonlightStefan Trifan - Mist Typeface

When you’re working with clients, how far you go to maintain your concepts?
Almost all my new clients are encouraged by the results of my projects already completed, perhaps because they understand my style and come with confidence. I treat them with respect and listen to all ideas they have (good or bad). I use these to make and present the best solutions for their project. Of course I try to avoid those bad suggestions and interventions, but when it happens I’m looking forward to find the best way to clarify the uncertainty that the customer has, and to offer the best results for him to be happy.

Stefan Trifan Design - Autor PosterStefan Triva DesignStefan Triva Design
For a portfolio overview please visit his websites Stefan Trifan and SilkEight Concept. ❚