Instagram Watch: Ed Templeton’s Shots

Ed Templeton

Ed Templeton shot by @mikivuckovich 20 years ago …

Edward “Ed” Templeton is is best known for founding the skateboard company Toy Machine. Outside of skateboarding, Templeton is an painter, graphic designer, and photographer.

“Earlier this year I went to Barcelona with the New York Times Style Magazine, ‘T,’ to shoot photos for a travel story revolving around the fact that Barcelona has historically been a hub of Skateboard, Art, and Graffiti culture. Sadly, the article (and hence my photos) will never run because of staffing changes at the magazine … From a distance an interesting architectural sun shade for a plaza, from directly under it a face lit from behind by the sun. Barcelona is filled with delightful human constructions, and may are great for skateboarding,” writes Ed Templeton about the first photo down below.

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Ed TempletonEd TempletonEd TempletonEd TempletonEd TempletonEd Templeton