Inkarnation – A Confession Of Faith Coming To Life

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The book Inkarnation ($75) features selected premium photography from international top notch photographers. Artists, pin-ups, musicians and people with attitude. No ordinary tattoo stuff from stars to hearts. The Black Edition is covered in jet black leatherette, adorned with an embossed skull, courtesy of star designer Hydro 74.

Dirk Behlau aka The Pixeleye has supervised this passionate confession, The Scary Guy in his foreword puts the philosophy into powerful words. The large scale photographs go beneath the surface and reveal the stars of the book as they really are: models, pin-ups, artists and tattoo artists – simply people who committed themselves entirely to the art of tattooing. INKarnation manages to provide an authentic impression of this creative scene. Dirk Behlau has called together international top photographers and friends, creating an unforgettable book that unmistakably bears his signature.

The story of The Scary Guy, an American motivation trainer who stands up against hatred, violence, prejudice and mobbing in schools and companies worldwide, provides the book’s motto. In his foreword he describes his chequered life story from his beginnings as a baby photographer and computer salesperson to an international ambassador of love and acceptance. His name testifies his own philosophy. He defied all stereotyping by others and today he lives with the full acceptance for others, regardless of what they do. That’s what INKarnation is about. Do the same, lay back and enjoy the brilliant photographs. ❚

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