How To Turn A Fashion Bag Into A Camera Bag

Ciesta Camera Bag InsertCiesta Camera Bag InsertCiesta Camera Bag Insert

The brand name Ciesta of the Korean brand comes from the word ‘siesta’, which refers to the practice of taking a nap after lunch in Latin America or in Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy. As the term’s signifies, the company aspires to emphasize comfort and essentiality in their products.

Insert (roughly $30) turns your fashion bag into a camera bag. The cushion is softly changed according to form of the bag and the material of the outside is quiet glossed high-class waterproof fabric. On the inside, 12 serial cushion made of soft fabric material is fixed the shape
softly and there is a good point which fits well in the bag.

On the upper side, there is a cover which can be tied the strings which prevents camera accessories falling to the ground. ❚