How The Hell Did You Capture That?

Polaroid HD Right Angle Spy LensPolaroid HD Right Angle Spy Lens

The answer: With Polaroid’s 58/52mm HD Right Angle Mirror Spy Lens ($28.99). The simple screw on Polaroid HD right angle spy lens attachment is meant to provide added creativity and a bit of fun to your picture taking. It allows you to photograph a subject while aiming 90 degrees to the left or the right of the subject. Aim your camera to the left or to the right, away from your subject, and no one will know what or who you’re really photographing. Its most useful for photographing people who are camera shy. Out in public, you can avoid taking pictures of landmarks without having passersby stopping and gazing at your camera lens with bewilderment. It is designed for lenses with a 58mm thread or a 52mm thread (with included adapter ring), other sizes you will need to purchase an adapter ring separately. The built-in rotating barrel allows height adjustments. Go and shoot some Pulitzer-worthy people shots! ❚