Exercise Bright Star By Thomas Galler

Bright Star By Thomas GallerBright Star By Thomas GallerBright Star By Thomas Galler

While attending the Fotodoks exhibition I came across the work Bright Star by Thomas Galler. Exercise Bright Star is rooted in the Camp David Accords. After its signing, the military forces of Egypt and the United States agreed to conduct coalition training in Egypt.

On the photographs you’ll see Air Force bombers over the Great Pyramids of Giza, Egypt, during Exercise Bright Star. This particular work of Galler is based on found footage, on “found” image sequences taken from the universally accessible stock of images circulating in our media society. Galler takes these pictures out of their original contexts, combines them anew, and redisplays them in a different environment.

The photographs of Egyptian and American fighter jets and helicopters have been produced in the form of a set of 10 postcardsin Cairo and made public just a few weeks before the Egyptian revolution. By recycling the images and transfering them to another context on postcard sets, Galler opens up new contexts and guides us to a kind of media-based historiography, as he writes in his book Walking through Baghdad with a Buster Keaton Face: “a confrontation with history that does not build on the immediate memory of events, but works with images in our memory and with rhetorical and iconographic patterns that have been discovered, because a direct visualisation is not possible, neither of the past nor of the present.”