Create Two Sided Videos With THE LOVE BOX Video Mixer

Love Box Video MixerLove Box Video Mixer

THE LOVE BOX Video Mixer (€57.63) limited edition of 100 units is a unique device conceived to record two sided videos in one single iPhone’s shot. It consists of a wooden base and a mirroring system that, when mounted with your mobile phone, simultaneously record “front” and “back” views in one single, split screen image. It is compatible with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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The founders explain the background of the lovelution as the following: “The product was conceived in Paris, whilst recording a documentary about love and love after love (named THE LOVE BOX Conversations). We wanted to find a way to film conversations among two people with one single iPhone, in a non disruptive way. And that’s how we came out with the idea of mounting a mirroring system in front of the phone’s camera.”

However, the visual effects you can create playing with this device are endless. The mirror can be moved along it’s slide, increasing or decreasing the size of the split-screen image, and moving the phone upwards and downwards gives surprising results no matter what (or who) you are recording. #Cool ❚