Cheap On DSLR Camera Monitor HDMI Solution

Lilliput 5D II-H 1080p LCD

For $199 the Lilliput 5D II-H 1080p LCD is a great cheap field monitor option for your DSLR. A monitor at this price point isn’t going to have a lot of adjustment options and won’t offer the most accurate color reproduction, but I would say that if you spent $900 on a DSLR then you probably don’t want to spend $1.000 or more on a field monitor.

The Lilliput has panel size of 7″ TFT LCD (16:9) and the resolution goes up to 1920×1080. The package further contains a flexible folding sun shade cover, a battery plate (F970 and QM91D), DC Adapter, HDMI cable, shoe mount (for camera only) and of course the manual. ❚