Friendship Socks: Thank You For Being A Friend! Style

Friendship Socks: Thank You For Being A Friend!

November 18, 2015

Friendship Socks was founded in 2015 by British entrepreneur Marc Herman and Sean Rainey, an Irish designer based out of Vancouver, BC. With a passion lifestyle and for exploring the relationship between service and product design, it was the perfect catalyst for both of them behind the creation and development

Why Shopify Rocks All Stars

Why Shopify Rocks

November 9, 2015

All of the things in e-commerce and running a shop that can cause massive headaches are taken care of for you. Shopify equates to a huge savings of time and money. Their customer service is top-notch. You will be able to get a customer service representative on the phone within

Virtual Reality Of Paintings All Stars

Virtual Reality Of Paintings

November 2, 2015

Magda Wegrzyn is a visual artist, doctoral researcher and independent curator born in 1986 in Poland. In her works she deals with connections between visual perception, technology, and communication. Her works transport the bespoken fiction and reality perfectly. And from the context of digital technology she calls upon a tangible

The History Of The Universe: Janis Joplin’s 1965 Porsche 356 C 1600 Cabriolet Rides

The History Of The Universe: Janis Joplin’s 1965 Porsche 356 C 1600 Cabriolet

September 16, 2015

Described by Richards to represent ‘The History of the Universe’, the dramatic artwork included such graphics as butterflies and jellyfish, as well as a portrait of Joplin with members of the band. The finished product was as colorful as the singer’s personality and certainly representative of the era – a

How Effective Is Wireless Armour’s Underwear? Wildcard

How Effective Is Wireless Armour’s Underwear?

September 3, 2015

The tech underwear from Wireless Armour is using a mesh of pure silver, which is woven into fabric to shield against 99.9% of harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by Wi-Fi devices. The mesh disrupts the flow of electromagnetic radiation due to Silver being a conductor of electricity. It is estimated

Notebook Wallet For Creatives Wildcard

Notebook Wallet For Creatives

September 2, 2015

Journalists prefer small, hand-held notebooks for portability (reporters’ notebooks), and sometimes use shorthand when taking notes. Scientists and other researchers use lab notebooks to document their experiments. The pages in lab notebooks are sometimes graph paper to plot data. Police officers are required to write notes on what they observe,

Appreciate Art Through Technology Tech

Appreciate Art Through Technology

August 31, 2015

Music Do you remember placing an album on the record player or slipping a tape into the cassette deck? Those days are over. It is rare to see a person carrying a stack of tapes, records or even CDs to listen to the latest music. Most people are able to

New York’s Newest Apple Store Is About To Open All Stars

New York’s Newest Apple Store Is About To Open

August 27, 2015

Evan Desmond recently developed The App Store installation for the Parrish, the first iteration of this technological critique. Now, in its second iteration, Yee imitates the guise of Apple and other modern tech moguls in an installation at the shared working space The Fueled Colective – a 18,000 square foot

Dynamic DNS: This Content Is Available In Your Country Tech

Dynamic DNS: This Content Is Available In Your Country

August 20, 2015

Some websites block certain regions from accessing their media content. UnoDNS (from$3.94) customers can access their favourite channels from anywhere in the world, which they have legally subscribed before; some US channels like HBO, ABC, CBS, etc require a subscription to watch their programming, and that often means you need

Space Exploration: What’s Next? All Stars

Space Exploration: What’s Next?

August 17, 2015

A New Human There is one fundamental premise of the space travel hopeful: space is expansive and there is no technology on the foreseeable horizon that will make space travel into a day trip. Engineering has made some advancement in rocket speed but the greatest change has happened in the