Bright! Typography Between Art And Illustration

Bright! Typography Between Art And IllustrationBright! Typography Between Art And IllustrationBright! Typography Between Art And Illustration

Language and text are all around us. We perceive them both consciously and unconsciously. They provide us with information, convey images, awaken desires. Typography, or the arrangement of print in a specific manner, is, for many artists, more than simply a visualization of language. Typography is a source of fascination to the creative world because it opens up considerable potential for exciting, creative opportunities. What happens to purely typographic information when it is presented in the form of an image or object, when its surroundings are altered, when it is enhanced by graphic images, deconstruction or visual reversal?

BRIGHT! (DAAB, ISBN 978-3-942597-23-4, $95) illuminates creative typography in this collection. Under the curatorship of Slanted (Weblog & Magazine), BRIGHT! presents a collection of examples of art which reflect both aesthetic dimensions as well as discourse in terms of content – rows of letters and images which go beyond the specific meaning of individual words, which offer several different interpretations and which question our traditional way of viewing things, our use of language or individual perspectives.

The compendium comprises 424 pages covering an extremely varied collection of styles and artistic disciplines and presents a wide selection of examples by over 200 artists, ranging from the world of illustration to sculpture and neon installations. These include Olaf Breuning, Elmgreen & Dragset, Fischli & Weiss, Gilbert & George, Liam Gillick, Jenny Holzer, Astrid Klein, Brigitte Kowanz, Ferdinand Kriwet, Barbara Kruger, Glenn Ligon, Michel Majerus, Maurizio Nannucci, Clunie Reid, Ugo Rondinone, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Rusha, Aurel Schmidt, Steven Shearer, Paul Thek, Christopher Wool, Wayne White and many more.

These diverse approaches are also examined in seven interviews with the artists Marc Bijl, Tracey Emin, Ed Fella, Alex Hanimann, Tobias Rehberger, Mark Titchner and Lawrence Weiner. BRIGHT! is a source of inspir- ation for anyone interested in creativity. At the meeting-point where type becomes art, BRIGHT! promises the observer an exciting and stimulating experience within a sphere of sense and sensibility. ❚