Black & White Street Photography Presets

Black & White Street Photography PresetsBlack & White Street Photography PresetsBlack & White Street Photography PresetsBlack & White Street Photography Presets

All Streetshooter Presets presets are not made equal. Most presets are content to simply alter the looks of an image. Not the presets of Olivier Duong, a Haitian-French-Vietnamese fine art documentary photographer based in south Florida, who says “I’m after breathing life into photographs with our presets. They are not mechanical knobs to us but they are a labor of love, for we are not engineers or developers, but passionate photographers doing these presets. We understand what street photographers want and we cater to them with our Nik and Lightroom street photography presets.”

There are two presets. The first one is for usage with Nik Silver Efex. Make your photographs come to life with the first Streetshooter SE1 Presets ($9.99), included are 5 presets designed specifically for street photography. They handle street scenes perfectly and gives your photograph an organic, gritty, street look that is hard to reproduce. These 5  street photography presets were fine tuned after countless experiments on street images.

Second, empower your street photography with these 12 Lightroom presets from the Streetshooter LR1 ($19.99) set. These presets are designed to add punch to your black & white photographs and make them pop. They were created to handle many kinds of situation including under and overexposure. ❚