Affordable On-Camera Color Accuracy

AC7 MonitorAC7 MonitorAC7 Monitor

Does image control on your monitor really matter? The quick answer is  yes. When monitoring a high-gamut image on a low-gamut monitor (ie. any current LCD on-camera field monitor), you are effectively unable to see the true colors that are being captured. OLED shows you colors that LCDs cannot – meaning you are seeing more of your image than before. Like how a high-end set of headphones allows you to hear much ‘further’ into audio by reproducing more sound frequencies, SmallHD OLED screens let you see much ‘further’ into your true image by reproducing more wavelengths of light (as opposed to exaggerating it).

The AC7 Monitor (starting at $599) by smallHD offers exactly the most beautiful image of any on-camera monitor via its OLED display option. No on-camera display on the market can outperform the amazing HD images produced by the AC7-OLED because of its superior black-point, expanded bit depth, gigantic color gamut, and true high definition resolution. You’ll get perfect on-camera colour accuracy without breaking the bank. ❚