White Lomo by Peter Nitsch

The term addiction is of Latin origin, ad-dicere: to tell someone. get addicted to … is synonymous with seeking inspiration—our stories highlight creativity and innovation in photography, design, technology, style and culture. We create daily updates and monthly interviews. “get addicted to …” is the wildcard to make your day just a little better. Your source of what’s happening on THE CUTTING EDGE OF CREATIVITY.

Since it‘s beginning some years ago the “get addicted to …” weblog has continued to evolve into a broader resource, a online magazine called “get addicted to …”, reaching thousands of readers a week all over the world. It is now in its second incarnation, and aims to provide even more news and features than before.

“You’re doing a great job of curating some interesting
content that looks beautiful on Flipboard.” – Mia Quagliarello, Flipboard


Ploi Malakul Director
Ploi Malakul founded “Rupa Design” and is a passionate representative of minimalistic graphic and design. Her origins from the Thai metropolis of Bangkok are reflected in her internationally awarded designs. Contact her for any queries about design articles or print queries.pm@getaddictedto.com

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Peter Nitsch Director
Designer, Photographer and co-founder at “Rupa Design,” “Playboard Magazine” and “get addicted to …”, has won several international awards both as a designer and photographer. Nitsch now oversees the day-to-day running of all aspects of the company. Contact him to discuss new business opportunities or sponsorship.pn@getaddictedto.com

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Suzie Wong Editor
German designer and photographer Suzie Wong is “Looking For The Cool Punch”. Contact Suzie Wong to discuss content, changes to existing articles or style, design or photography related queries.sw@getaddictedto.com

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